Women whose lives have been affected by abuse need a fresh start. Many have never had careers or positive role models that can guide or help them to integrate into the workplace. Abuse Hurts provides those mentoring relationships through a program called Delivering Hope Day. Through many volunteers, including successful career women who volunteer their time, Delivering Hope Day provides a practical physical makeover with hairstyle, makeup and an outfit.

As important as the outward physical boost that the women receive is, Delivering Hope Day also provides group sessions on topics such as self-esteem, boundaries, writing a resume and other topics helpful to women who are working towards a new beginning, whether as a professional or simply one who needs a new lease on life.

Since its inception, Delivering Hope Day (formerly known as Women Mentoring Women) has also caught the attention of the fashion and beauty industry with corporations such as Haggar Canada, Danier Canada, and Revlon .

The founding sponsor of this program is FedEx Canada.

Abuse Hurts often receives large shipments of donated goods, including everything from children’s toys to house wares, furniture, computers, clothing, cosmetics and other generally useful items that are to be given to people affected by abuse. In essence, Abuse Hurts has become a clearinghouse for donated goods that are itemized and stored in our large warehouses for distribution to other service agencies that call CCAA throughout the year requesting special and/or ongoing needs.

The Transformation Project Program

The Transformation Project is a CCAA program run in partnership with Anchique and their Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan,. It’s an exciting program within the Delivering Hope Furniture program.

This program does a number of things:

1. It offers, through training and workshops, opportunities for women from shelters to learn do-it-yourself up-scaling of old furniture using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan. This will help them to beautify their own homes on a budget and also gives them the opportunity to make an income on the side by refinishing and selling furniture.

2. It offers furniture painting training and workshops to the general public. A portion of all the proceeds goes to Abuse Hurts to help fund the program.

3. Abuse Hurts is able to sell furniture that has been refinished with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan to help raise funds for programs. We will also help women sell their painted pieces on consignment.

Because Abuse Hurts Delivering Hope program involves giving women from shelters furniture to help furnish their homes, only pieces that are not suitable (in rough shape and/or in need of refinishing) are used in the Transformations program.