What is a Huggum’s Hero?

Our partners are very important to us. In recognition of their commitment and for their outstanding contributions, above and beyond the call of duty, CCAA friend and patron Greg Marlo commissioned artist Laura Breetvelt-Brown of Ottawa’s Artpeace Gallery to make a half-life-sized bronze replica of our mascot Huggum Bear. Each year at the CCAA’s Public Safety Advocacy dinner, held in October, which is designated “Child Abuse Awareness Month”, the prestigious award will recognize the contribution of one special partner by giving him/her the title, Huggum’s Hero. Along with the title, each recipient will be presented with a small desk sized bronze Huggum Bear© statue as a lifetime reminder of our esteem. The large statue will display the name of our latest Hero and year of presentation, and be transported to the office or home of the current recipient, where it will remain until the following year, when another Huggum’s Hero will be chosen.

This elegant Huggum’s Hero bronze statue award will recognize, in perpetuity,dedicated individuals whose support of child abuse prevention and adult victimization has been above and beyond the call of duty.