Why You Should Help

In 2009, CCAA helped thousands of women children and men overcome the traumatic effects that abuse had on their lives. 

These few short success stories will give you an idea of the scope of the work we do.*
he names in these accounts have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.
Fleeing in the middle of the night.. Donna and her two children, escaped her husband and a 10 year cycle of physical violence fueled by his substance abuse.  Your support helped the CCAA give them clothes, shelter, counseling and the self-esteem needed to rebuild their lives.  Today, Donna is studying to be a social worker so that she can give back by helping others.
~ ~ ~
Every day there are women and children throughout Ontario who are assisted by a Womens shelter. Of the 569 shelters across Canada providing residential services to women and children, 28% are located right here in Ontario.  With 5 shelters per 100,000 women in Ontario, your donations to CCAA make it possible for hurting families to find hope.
~ ~ ~
Every year since the story first broke, another one or two men are added to the list of over 100 that have come forward to disclose their horrific childhood experience at Maple Leaf Gardens.  With your help, the CCAA continues to fund therapy and support groups for them so that they can deal with what they were forced to endure as innocent young children.
~ ~ ~
Neil, is a young man helped by the CCAA