How to Apply for Assistance

We assist organizations, groups and other agencies.  through our Delivering Hope program. For individuals wishing to apply please contact a shelter, the police, Children’s Aid or your therapist and have them contact us. Or you may contact us by phone (905-967-0687) or email ( for a list of resource persons or organizations in your area who can represent you.

Applications are not accepted from the individual themselves. However, individuals applying may be referred to a professional referral source such as an agency that will, in turn, submit the application to CCAA. Individual referrals are only accepted from credible sources such as frontline non-profit organizations that deal with abuse issues, medical professionals, clergy or schools.


Please submit all requests in writing on company, agency or other referral source letterhead. Ensure that all contact information is included. Forward the application by Fax 905-967-0825 or email

Information Required from Agencies Making Referrals

Please submit applications only for people who are victims of some form of abuse. Evaluation as to the severity of the abuse is left to the discretion of the frontline worker, however, the CCAA reserves the right for its Program Manager to request whatever details are deemed necessary to ensure compliance.

  • The name of the person for whom you are seeking help.
  • Why you are applying for help from our agency for this person(s). Please be specific about the client’s situation. This information is crucial to our determination of eligibility.
  • Include the client’s contact information. If you require a Release of Confidentiality form please call to request this information separately.

Upon receipt of your agency letter, if the client is eligible an application will be forwarded to you for completion.

We prefer that you, as the professional involved with the family/individual/group, facilitate the request at your end. In the event that you are unable to comply, please contact CCAA with prior disclosure to the client. We may then agree to contact your client and help with the process.